How will we sing the Lord's song in this land?

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This event has ended.

We live in a world that is complex, diverse and changing rapidly. God’s people find themselves grappling with a missional context that has not been experienced before. It is an environment that we don’t completely understand, we are not trained for or have much experience in.

The reality is that for the vast majority of Australians, the local church is invisible or viewed as irrelevant. For those of us who are part of Southside, we know (either consciously or unconsciously) that something has got to change if we are going to faithfully communicate the gospel to the world around us.

By coming together as Southside we have committed ourselves to being open to change. But the question remains, what changes are needed so that we may show the relevance of the gospel in the neighbourhoods that we live?

This is a big challenge that faces us today and so we echo the cry of the psalmist: “How will we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

The big question for us today is how we can embrace a new beginning in God’s mission in our local neighbourhood in 2020 and beyond.

Southside Uniting Church was born from a desire to engage in God’s missional future. This workshop will start us on our renewed journey. Further workshops are planned. We will also be seeking expressions of interest from people willing to form small groups to discover what God is doing by listening, learning, planning and acting.

So look forward to what is yet to come!!!

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This event has ended.