One Body, Many Parts: how God has shaped us to serve

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7:30 PM @ On-Line experience

God wants all of us to serve in, through or beyond the gathered church. In addition to the work that is to be done, when we serve, we are drawn closer to God, closer to each other and we find joy in fulfilling our God given purpose. That’s right! Serving the kingdom of God should be joy filled and life giving. If you’re not experiencing this, maybe you’re not serving where God has called you.

This course will help us identify our Spiritual gifts; Heart’s desire; Abilities; Personality and Experience, and how they may be used best for God.

We will meet on online via Zoom.

For more information contact David Fender.

Location Dates

The next date for this event is 4 November, 2020.



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7:30 PM / 9:00 PM

This event recurs for 6 weeks starting on 7 October, 2020.