17 April, 2020

We need your help

There are opportunities for you to serve in and beyond our congregation. I will regularly share this opportunities and ask you to volunteer as you are able, to show the love and participate in the ministry of our church.

- Assistance with things such as doing the shopping, delivering care hampers or walking the dog. This will be coordinated through the Queensland Community Alliance and is for people beyond our congregation. At this stage it is targeted at people living in the Mt Gravatt area. We are getting more information about a similar program in Yeronga. Please contact esteban.lievano@ssuc.org.au

- Telephoning people who are in isolation. Again, this is coordinated through the Queensland Community Alliance. It simply involves people volunteering to make phone calls and have a chat with people from beyond our gathered congregation. Please contact esteban.lievano@ssuc.org.au

- Providing assistance to less technically able people. As we all know, much of our life has moved online. There are people in and beyond our congregation who have some technical skills, but are struggling with some of the newer technologies they need to grapple with. We’re looking for more technically abled people to do online or over the phone coaching. This is would be things like assistance with accessing zoom or face time, or getting a Facebook account. Also, if you need assistance, please let us know. If any of our children (under 18 years of age) are interested in offering, we will put in place appropriate Safe Ministry with Children protocols. To offer to assist please contact esteban.lievano@ssuc.org.au. If you’d appreciate some assistance, please contact your Community Minister.

- Webmaster. Our website is being constantly updated with news, devotions, worship services. We’re looking for someone to manage this process. Please contact david.fender@ssuc.org.au.

- Social media coordinator. Similarly, we are wanting to maintain an engaging presence on Facebook and maybe expand to other social media platforms. Please contact david.fender@ssuc.org.au

- Worship post production. There are some people in our congregation who cannot access the internet for worship. They are provided with written material, and some have other means of access. We would like to be able to provide a recording of the service on either DVD or USB or who knows what else. We’re looking for someone to copy the service onto these mediums so that they can be distributed. Please contact Rachel.manton@ssuc.org.au

- Volunteering with UnitingCare Queensland. Do you have experience in sewing garments and have a sewing machine or overlocker? UnitingCare is developing a program to make scrubs and gowns for frontline health workers using materials donated to Lifeline. We are still stitching up the details but if you would like to register your interest and provide your sewing experience, we’ll be sure to let you know more details when we’re ready to start. Register your interest by clicking [here](https://app.betterimpact.com/Application?OrganizationGuid=ca01f463-b1f4-451f-9e3f-59373682cdda&ApplicationFormNumber=2).