19 February, 2021

Weekly Update 19 February 2021

Waht is the Narrative Lectionary and why are we using it?

12 February, 2021

Weekly Update 12 February 2021

During Lent we redirect ourselves away from those things that distract us toward that which is better.

5 February, 2021

Weekly Update 5 February 2021

Jesus' love for us remains constant, but we can become stale. What are you doing to renew your experience of love and life with Jesus?

2 February, 2021

Girl's Brigade

Ever wanted to know what Girl's Brigade is all about. Here is a video with all the information. Girl's Brigade meets on Friday evenings at our Mt Gravatt Centre.

30 January, 2021

Weekly Update 29 January 2021

David talks about the Covenant Prayer and our Commitments.

20 January, 2021

Celebrating David and Dale MacGregor's ministry with us

Sunday 14 February will be David and Dale's last service with us. David officially retires from ministry on 28 February.

On Sunday 14 February we will hold worship in each of our four centres, with each service commencing at 8:30 am. Part of the service will be livestreamed from Tarragindi, allowing us all to participate in this important event in David's ministry and our life together.

Money is being collected as a gift for David and Dale. This can be deposited directly into our church account . Or cash can be placed in an envelope in the offering bowls. In both cases please clearly indicate that this is a gift for David and Dale.

Additionally, a card is available at each centre on the Sunday's leading up to 14 February. If you wish, please write a message to David and Dale.

14 January, 2021

Southside Update 14th January 2021

Rachel Manton gives us an update on worship services for this Sunday 17th January 2021.

26 December, 2020

Pre Booking for worship services

Please note that as from, and including, the first Sunday in January 2021, we no longer need to pre-book for our worship services. After assessing the attendances since we return to weekly services in each building, and recognising the COVID management plan changes in seating capacity, we are confident that we can accomodate all who choose to attend.

We are still required to maintain a register of who attended.

18 December, 2020

Weekly update 18 December 2020

Laurelle, Don, Cathy and Rod reflect on what it means to be released for mission.