History of Religions in Australia, with a special emphasis on Brisbane Southside

For the next eight weeks we are offering the course “A History of Religions in Australia, with a particular emphasis on the south side of Brisbane” - in other words, our own area.

On Wednesday we begin with local aboriginal beliefs and customs pre-European contact, including the aboriginal people who had a major campsite in what is now Mott Park opposite our Holland Park Southside Community on Logan Road.

In future classes we go on to talk about what brought various migrant groups to Brisbane, and the religious traditions they brought with them. Where possible we focus on the stories of our immediate area - for example the Greenslopes Synagogue, the Holland Park and Moorooka Mosques. Many of the people who worship here are our neighbours and our friends.

The classes will begin at 10am on Wednesday mornings. It will include plenty of time for interaction and will last until about 11.30am. You need no prior knowledge. Each class is “stand alone” so it doesn’t matter if you can only participate sometimes. Our main objectives are to get to know each other better and to get to know and understand our neighbours better.

If you want to join, you will need to email me (derekheather1970@gmail.com) giving me your email address so that I can then send you a link to join the class online on Wednesday using Zoom. I will also send you more details about Zoom, if you haven’t used it before, and more details about what we will cover in the course. I’d love to have you join us for all or some of the classes.

Heather Griffin